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web stream player
web stream player  
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  Main Functionality
* Playing stream mp3 music from Internet radio stations
* Full RTSP support for 3G-phones

* URL redirection support

* Selection a radio station from application's play list
* Adding a new radio station to play list (restricted in demo)
* Loading an user's playlist from Internet (
* Volume control for J2ME player

* Support debug mode to help in resolving problems
* Support two-player mode for smoothly playing

* Protection from crashing with safety memory mode
* Smart play buffer control
* Optimized memory usage for internal buffer
* Minimum system resource requirements
* Performance optimization

 System Requirements
mWebPlayer runs on any mobile device with J2ME that includes following:
* MIDP 2.0
* CLDC 1.0/1.1
* Mobile Media API 1.1 (MP3 support)
* Memory heap size 800+ KB

web stream player web stream player

  Technical Specs
Developed with NetBeans 6.1 (+ Mobility Pack)

Tested with Sony Ericsson J2ME Emulator

Tested with Motorola iDEN J2ME Emulator

web stream player
web stream player