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Java Mobile Application Support

  J2ME and real-time media streaming?
  Mime types and media formats
  Media streaming and locked/unlocked phones
  mWebPlayer's known issues
  Debug mode and resolving issues
  J2ME and BlackBerry
  List of supported phones
 J2ME and real-time media streaming Top
While using mWebPlayer or our other media mobile products keep in mind following restriction that must be applied for any JME streaming software application.

Built-in mobile J2ME-based player supports real-time streaming only for media stream broadcasted via RTSP protocols. That is available now only in 3G network and for latest 3G phone models. All other mobile devices works only with HTTP protocol via direct socket connection. This way is used when mWebPlayer plays mp3 media from any stream server like ShoutCast.

Using HTTP as a transport protocol in J2ME-player means that media data must be loaded in full before playing. It is not a problem for a local audio file but it is impossible for a web streaming radio.

To solve this problem mWebPlayer creates an own play buffer and fills it up with next part of stream media in background while the player is playing previous media part. When it finished playing the fisrt data the player loads from the buffer all available at this moment next media portion and plays it. And so on.

Loading data into the player takes some time and that causes a small pause between playing two following stream parts. It is not fault of the application, it is the current implemenation of J2ME system player.

To decrease this gap mWebPlayer provides really smart algorithm for internal buffering. Size of a media part (and its playing time) is changed dynamicaly and depends on internet connection speed, bitrate of the selected channel, available memory heap and CPU power of your mobile device. And the longer the application plays the media stream, the more smoothy playing will be.

Special mWebPlayer BB version for BlackBerry phones uses advanced Blackberry Java to play stream music. And for this case there are no gaps during stream playing (of course if you have high speed internet connection).

Also a special rebroadcasting service for 3G mobile phones with RTSP support was launched here: It allows to play streaming music without any pauses on supported phones.

 Mime types and playing media Top
All our Java-mobile media applications do not provide any codecs for streaming media. It depends only on J2ME implementation in a particular cellphone which stream media format is playable with Java-mobile player.

To play MP3 stream media a phone must support one of following mime types:
  • audio/mpeg
  • audio/mp3
  • audio/mpeg3
To play AAC+ stream media (which has much better quality) a phone must support one of following mime types:
  • audio/aacp
Many phones can play AAC+ media even if they indicates support only for AAC media (audio/aac mime type). But it depends only on phone's features, noy on our media applications.

If you use mWebPlayer or any other of our media application you can easy check all mime types supported by your phone. Just go to Mime Types screen and check the list in MIME TYPES category.

 Media streaming and locked/unlocked phones Top
mWebPlayer and our other media applications use direct socket connection to get media data from Internet radio servers. Unfortunately many mobile providers (especially in USA) block access to such sockets for third-part Java-mobile applications. Because of that locked phones cannot play online stream media from http/socket links and they throws security connection error in this case.

To avoid the restriction you should use unlocked phone or the latest 3G phones that allows to play stream broadcasted via rtsp protocol.

To check if you phone can support 3G links go to Mime Types screen and check if rtsp is in the list in PROTOCOLS category.

  mWebPlayer's known issues Top
Special message for Motorola Razor V3/V3i users!

According to technical specifications provided by Motorola following MP3 encoding properties are available for Razor V3i platform:

File Type Frequency Bit Depth Mono/Stereo Bit Rate
MP3 44 KHz 16 Mono 64 kbps
MP3 24 KHz 16 Mono 40 kbps
MP3 16 KHz 16 Mono 32 kbps

Any mp3 stream that does not match specifications above can be not playable.

 Debug mode and resolving issues Top
mWebPlayer and our other media applications has special Debug mode to provide developers helpfull information about problems with our applications.
Unfortunately in many cases users cannot use this mode properly and we receive lots of e-mails with empty log files.

When you got any error message while using our applications keep in mind that log information about the error is not saved in log file until you turn on the Debug mode in Debug Settings screen. You should set "Debug Mode" in "On" state, press OK button to save the setting, exit the application and restart it again. Only after this the application will keep detailed data about its work in its log file. When you recreate situation with error you need to go to Email Log screen and send the message to us.

Starting from verion 2.00 your log file will be attached to your message automatically. There is also restriction that you cannot send the message if your log file is empty.

 J2ME and BlackBerry Top
mWebPlayer BB is the special version for BlackBerry phones.
It is based on our main mWebPlayer application but graphic and control was specially adjusted to fit BB requirments. Since regular J2ME was used to develop all mWebPlayer BB main functionalities some regular BlackBerry menu command are not available in this version.
Please use application's popup menu to control the application. To call it press "alt + *" on phone's keyboard.

 List of supported phones Top
Regular mWebPlayer version definetely works on following unlocked cell and smart phones:
  • Hellio Ocean (PN-180)
  • iPhone
  • LG KU990
  • LG Shine CU720
  • Motorola A1200i
  • Motorola E1
  • Nokia 5000
  • Nokia 5200
  • Nokia 5310
  • Nokia 5610 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 6263
  • Nokia 6680
  • Nokia N78
  • Nokia N95
  • SE C902
  • SE C905
  • SE G502
  • SE K660
  • SE K800i
  • SE K850i
  • SE V640i
  • SE W880i
mWebPlayer Blackberry as minimum supports following Blackberry models:
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8110
  • Blackberry Curve 8310 OS 4.5
  • Blackberry Curve 8320 OS 4.5
  • BlackBerry Bold 9000